E7600 compatability on a P5W DH Deluxe

can anyone tell me please if the Asus p5w dh deluxe supports the Intel E7600 cpu. Asus website says it supports the E7400 and the E7500 (using the latest bios) but doesnt mention the E7600
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  1. It will work, but VT won't work, EIST and C1E functions will be disabled, .5 CPU multiplier is not supported, L2 cache size is not recognized correctly, but it still is functioning.

    Since the E7600 will run at the same speed as the E7500 (11x multiplier), why not get the E7500?
  2. Thanks for your reply GhislainG

    I never realised that there would be these complications using the E7600. Ive bought it now but may be able to exchange it as it is still unused'
    If I exchanged it for the E7500 would these things you mentioned work ok then?
    ie. Would the VT work. The EIST @ CIE functions be enabled The .5 cpu multiplier be supported and the L2 cache size be recognised?

    Thanks for your help. I need it :-)
  3. Since you got it before reading the P5W DH Deluxe FAQ, just keep it. What I wrote applies to all 45nm CPUs and it can be found in the FAQ: http://support.asus.com/faq/asus-faq.aspx?type=6&no=C3FDBE8C-73AA-21F6-9988-568EE1F726CC&model=P5W%20DH%20DELUXE&SLanguage=en-us
  4. I knew I should have kept the E6600 !!


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