Temp on cores very different

So after 4 years with my Q9650 reading 40C on core #0 and ~36-38 on the rest, I understand one core ends up either having a sticking thermal or even is the "worker" core. But, since my new i7-2700K, I have a HUGE difference in core temps.

Core #0 - 23C
Core #1 - 24C
Core #2 - 30C
Core #3 - 38-40C

And when Prime 95 testing (from stock to 5.0) I have the same huge spread on Core #3.

Stock testing ( at the time of this post ) is Prime95 for 42 mins so far reads:

Core #0 - 36-37C
Core #1 - 38-40C
Core #2 - 43-44C
Core #3 - 47-49C

Things I have done so far:
- removed EK waterblock applied new Gelid thermal past ( in 'Line' method ), then reseated
- removed Ek waterblock again, applied Gelid thermal paste in 'X' pattern method, then reseated
- removed EK waterblock yet again, ran out of Gelid thermal paste, used AS5, used 'dot' method, then reseated

Temps have all been within a few C of each other ( seems that Gelid was lower than AS5 )
When OC'ing 4.8 or higher, cores #1, #2 and #3 hit around 54-57C, but core #3 has been as high as 78-79 (69 @ 4.8 with 1.42v but to hit a 2 hr stable @ 5.1 I went 1.477 which got me the 78-79C on core #3.

I did notice a couple pins were bent in the socket when installing the CPU for the first time, but were not hard to just adjust back into place.

No BSOD's, gaming is fine. Should I be concerned at all?
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  1. Thanks for the overwhelming amount of replies!
  2. You have prety much covered the uneven HS coumpound so that should not be the issue.
    With Prime95 the distrubution of processing shuld be prerty even.

    Some do see a spread of 5->10C spread on Core temps. which in some cases is paste distribution related and in some it is the CPU.

    In your case, you started out with a prety normall distribution and now are getting a rather big increase in one core.
    Bottom lin, My Best quess is that the "Hot" core is getting ready to Bite the dust due to high OC and time.
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