Intel Core i7 920 with American Megatrends Bios

I need assistance with this, i've searched a lot of forum topics related to overclocking an i7 920 to 4ghz with the American Megatrends Bios, but no luck finding a guide similar to it. Even in youtube, the ones i can find have different Bios interface with either MB Intelligent Tweaker or Extreme Tweaker.

I've tried following this two reference;

However, i couldnt figure out how to access my voltage or my QPI ratio since they are grayed out. I disabled every setting i can disable under CMOS and Cell Menu but i still couldn't access most of the setting i need to OC.

Please help!

Board: MSI X58 Platinum Sli
Ram: 12 gigs, 1600 dominator
Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.6ghz DO
Power: Corsair 850w
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  1. My pc is custom build by me and it was my first time and first one. After reading the manual i figure out that i need to press + or - /page up or down keys to adjust the auto from grayed out to custom.

    I'm getting somewhere and now i'm wondering if it's safe to install MIB Bios to my MSI motherboard ^_^
  2. Apologize me .. I was less careful in reading, try with this spesicc guide :

    good luck bro !
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