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I have a Panasonic HDTV. i am trying to view pictures from my laptop on the tv. i have hooked up via vga cable from the computer to the rca cables on the tv. i do not get a picture of any kind. what is wrong>
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  1. Have you set the output in settings for display?
  2. VGA to RCA? WTF? A cable alone can't do that. You would need to pass it through some sort of converter. In case you didn't know, you could put your photos in an SD card, insert it into the SD slot in the TV, and use the built in photo player.

    Your laptop may have a component/svideo port on the side. Plug in an svideo cable and connect it to your TV, select the appropriate input on your TV menu, and have the laptop output to the TV. Some of the Panasonics have a VGA cable for you to connect your computer to. Ideally, the best way to connect it is with HDMI, or if your laptop only has DVI then by using a DVI to HDMI converter to connect through an HDMI cable.
  3. For the best results. Load everything onto a portable hard drive and get an HD media player. Both pieces real cheap and you end up with amazing quality (providing the photo quality is good to begin with!)
    That way you can do multitudes of pictures/video/Mp4 etc. all out of the one box.
    Western Digital and many others have a HD Media Player that hooks through USB and some through HDMI.
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