New mobo/ram/cpu, Questions...

Hey all.

I have a dell 630i that I pulled the mobo ram and cpu out of and installed new ones.

I got a 965 BE 3.4, 4gb Gskill Ripjaws 1600 and a NF750-g55 mobo.

I got everything in and running.

Few questions.

1. The motherboard has a hdmi outlet on it, it interferes with my headphones. When I put my headphones on, and click on the speaker in the sys tray there are 2 volume sliders, one for my headphones and one for the hdmi crap.

I disable and uninstall the hdmi and then my sound works fine until I restart my machine, windows reinstalls the hdmi thing and my sound gets screwed again.

2. I have read these 965 run hot and would like to find a reliable monitoring program aswell as a total fan control program, like one able to control my cpu fan and case fans. I can control my gpu through evga precision.

I refuse to use speedfan or rivatuner as they are more trouble than they are worth, and from what I read can actually mess with your fan speeds and slow them down.

Thats it for now, I will post more if i run into anything else.


If this is the wrong area please move or lemme know and ill delete and move.

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  1. First dont uninstall the HDMI just go to device manager and right click it and disable it problem solved.

    Now as for what you said for speedfan dont know what you read but speedfan is the best software fan controller there is. The problem people have is they dont know how to use it takes a couple brain cells and a little reading and you will figure it out once you do its the best. But to make it the best you have to learn how to configure it.

    Knowledge and know how will set you free grasshopper
  2. I downloaded Core Temp to give me an idea of the temps.

    Gaming so far they get to about 43-46

    when I am jsut cruising the net they are around 32-34

    Do these sound about right?
  3. sound perfect
  4. Thank you, I appreciate it.
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