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couple of questions i would greatly appreciate help on.

if i take my storage SSD (no OS) and connect it to one computer (main computer) and install a program such as quick books onto it. would i be able to take that storage SSD from that computer and transfer it to another computer and still be able to run the quick books? basically i want to know if using an internal SSD in the sense of an external drive would allow me to put a program onto that device and use it on any computer i desire?

also, does anyone know if there is a way for you to connect the SSD to a laptop as a storage drive?

much appreciated!

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  1. Programs have to go into the registry to run so it has to be installed on both computers. Connecting it to a laptop depends on what interface and if there is an additional drive bay available on the laptop.
  2. There's no reason why you couldn't connect a SSD to any computer through a USB port. My only question would be why would you want to use a super fast device just for storage when you could use it for your OS & apps?
  3. There are some external solid state drives available. Some use a USB or a mini USB connection. Other external ssd's use an e-SATA connection. Many modern motherboards have e-SATA connections on the rear panel.
  4. As Rolli95 said.

    You could use it just like any other USB external HDD but programs you install onto it from computer (A) have a 90% chance of NOT working on computer (B)
  5. polishzy - For Intuit's QuickBooks the answer to your first question is yes. According to Intuit there are several possible solutions. Portability, mobility, multiple users, multiple computers, and remote access are key features of QuickBooks. Other software applications will be a problem if they can only be installed on the boot (OS) drive.

    The answer to your second question is also yes. It is typically done with external ssd's. However, you want to use an internal ssd that has a standard SATA connection and a standard power supply connection. In order to do that you would need to use an external ssd enclosure for the ssd.

    Here is a link to one example of a portable ssd enclosure designed for standard 2.5 inch internal ssd's. This enclosure has both USB and eSATA connections:

    The absolutely, positively easiest solution is to install QuickBooks on both the desktop and the laptop. Then just make copies of the data files which you can transfer back and forth. The data files can be saved to any storage medium - cd-rom discs, dvd discs, USB flash drives. That is what I used to do. Of course if you have extremely large business data files you can use a portable/external hard disk drive or ssd.
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