What professional graphics should i buy?

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  1. what programs do you use?

    i'd hold on just a lil longer for the nvidia 40nm parts
  2. im wating to see the gtx 400 to come out
  3. should be out end march apparently
  4. +1 what obsidian86 said.

    It would help if you listed the mainstream professional applications you will be using. Is this for a work station or a desktop?

    Tom's Hardware articles of interest:,2154.html,2258.html,1995.html,1721.html
  5. its for a workstation :)
  6. a workstation using wich programs ? what? maya,mudbox,3ds,vegas,autocad what? different cards have different performance depending on the programs ,we dunno if you do animation or 3d modeling or even just plain old ms paint so please list which programs and applications will be mainly running on your workstation,them we can reccomend what you should get

    help us help you
  7. 3D modeling
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    wait for the nvidia cards then
  9. mmk, best answer
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  11. nVidia Quadro.
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