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Hi all

I'm a 3D VFX artist and I'm looking to get a another system to use as a render station while Im doing work on my current i7 build. I have about 2000 pounds to spend and I was wondering should i get the 2x Cpu mac pro or is it cheaper and better to build a Xeon windows system. I would need 2 Processors at least .

thanks in advance
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  1. well to get a minimal setup from apple with 2 x Xeons will be your whole budget

    i would start looking around at online shops to see what prices you can get for the server parts

    my guess is you can get 2 x Xeon E5300 with the amount of ram you want (easily 24GB)

    though like i said, look around, i have a feeling that you can easily beat out the mac pro price/performance wise
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