my EVGA 8800 gts video card is flickering this occures everytime I start my computer or when it comes out of sleep mode its about 4 years old does this mean it is going out or could it my a problem with my samsung monitor I am green when it comes to this kind of stuff i have no idea about the particulars as i said im a newbie
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  1. Does it continue to flicker? After "warming up" from sleep mode, how does it perform? Try Furmark to stress test it.
  2. no this only occures when I first start up my computer or when it comes out of sleep mode. Performance is other wise great no other issues so far
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    It might be your monitor. How old is it? You might set the videocard on refresh rates that your monitor can't handle so it has to "auto set" in the beginning.
  4. its 4 years old Its a samsung 22 inch flatscreen syncMaster 226BW . . . . Im sorry but i have no idea how to set refresh rates but thank you so much for your help thus far any more suggestions are greatly appriciated
  5. If you or a friend have a spare monitor, connect it to yuor card, duplicate the condition (coming out of sleep mode) and see if does the same flickering. If it doesn't, then you know the problem in your monitor. If it continues, check properties to see of your videocard recognizes the monitor. If it doesn't, then that could be the problem of the flicker.
  6. I do have an older monitor in the garage some where i will dig it out and try that one and let you know what the out come is thank you so much for taking the time to help me i really am gratefull to you Ok
  7. :wahoo: you were right it was my monitor im sending it back to samsung for repair as it is still under warranty thank you so much for your help
  8. Glad I could help.
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