Which GPU is the best pick with Price excluded

A) Sapphire radeon HD4850 512mb
B) Palit Geforce 9600gt 512mb

Im pretty Sure A is better but i want to know
why to see if its worth the extra 30 bucks
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  1. The HD 4850 512MB is on par with the GTS 250/9800 GTX+ 512MB, which is a LOT better than the 9600gt...
    Well actually I wouldn't say all that much better maybe 20 to 30% performance increase
  2. 1.Gigabyte GeForce 9800GT Green Edition HDMI 512MB
    2.Sapphire Radeon HD4670 512MB DDR3

    thanks in advance
  3. 9800GT performs better
  4. 9800GT is faster

    9800GT - faster, physx, CUDA, but no dx 10.1

    4670 - slower than 9800gt, dx 10.1, lesser power consumption
  5. Best Graphics Cards for the money (December 2009 TomsHardware):
  6. 4850 is much much better than a 9600GT.
    Its worth extra 30 bucks.
    But also check the price of GTS 250(Which is comparable to 4850).

    GEt whichever is cheaper between these two.
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