How many GHz - i7 2700k + H80

First of all is that all compatible with each other??^^^^

And secondly i may get H80 can i overclock to maybe 4.7 to maybe even 5GHz at MAXIMUM. Should i get H100? My room temp: Winter - 19 C summer - 21 C, occasional heatwaves - 25 C << But very occasional and it will be in an open air space. Thanks guys :)
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  1. And BTW guys i go to bed in 10mins from this post but will reply in the morning :)
  2. And guys i can make my room temp 2 C cooler or so with room fans, open windows etc. :)
  3. You'd be better going with something like an NH-D14. Every chip is different, so you would have to test the voltages and clocks yourself.
  4. ok
  5. how many ghz would ii get up to?
  6. It's all dependent on your chip and motherboard. Every CPU will overclock differently so there's no knowing how to do it. I can hit 5GHz with a CM 212 Evo and not go over 75 degrees, but another 2500K mightn't get to 4.6GHz.
  7. The 2700K can run 5.0ghz+ but to run that 24/7 100% stable will take some serious cooling, and I mean serious cooling.

    Most for longevity run theirs around the 4.5ghz range simply because it keeps them below the 1.40 CPU volt range, longevity meaning how long your CPU will actually last.

    Temperature/voltage are very critical factors in relation to any CPU overclocking, you want as much as you can get while still staying on the safe side of things, unless you are a shoot for the moon overclocker and just don't care if you destroy your CPU.

    I would suggest the H100 at a 24/7 4.5ghz range of overclock, that doesn't mean you cannot try higher overclocks, but the applications that can fully take advantage of the higher clocks past 4.5ghz are really too few to be concerned with.

    Most just getting their new Sandy Bridge want to see what it can actually do out of sheer curiosity, but all are limited to their cooling solutions capabilities, and as a general rule, settle on a clock that keeps them running cool enough to last.

  8. I have intel overclocked protection plan
  9. That just means you can fry two chips for the price of one tbh,
    you need to go through the guides and learn what you are doing, you can't just randomly set some settings you found on the net, what works on one rig, may not necessarily work on any other,
  10. Your board will sacrifice itself in order to keep the CPU alive.
  11. dansgas1000 said:
    I have intel overclocked protection plan

    That replaces the CPU after jumping through all of Intels hoops to get there, that does not replace all the time lost, and total inconvenience regarding the RMA process.

    Counting on that overclocked protection plan would probably mean that you could be completely clueless to the fact that sacrificing a CPU in some cases takes out more than the CPU, and that's not discovered until after the CPU RMA.
  12. amuffin said:
    Your board will sacrifice itself in order to keep the CPU alive.

    Not True Sir!

    Overvolting is the killer that bypasses your statement!
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