Giga and evga question

im looking at 2 motherboards the gigabyte x58A-ud5 and the evga E758-A1 3 way sli

when looking at the pics it looks like theres more room between the vid card slots on the evga is that true or is it just me?

what are your experiances with evga (stock and overclocked systems) i know theres nothing but good reviews on the gigabyte boards but i dont know much about the evga ones.

evga here

giga here
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  1. Gigabyte is known for making nice motherboards, EVGA, not so much. Both look like they offer roughly the same spacing for slots. I think what's throwing you off is the 2nd slot on the gigabyte, which you would ignore because most cards nowadays are double slot coolers and so that second pci slot would be covered up and un-usable.

    Also, I'm using an EVGA right now and I have USB issues with it. Very troublesome at times and I really don't have any plans to use another EVGA board in the future.
  2. Also, even Tom's says Gigabyte are one of the best as seen here
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