I have a SSD with OS Win7 and I want to install a SATA HDD

I'm trying to set up a SDD as the primary drive with WIN7 OS on it and install a SATA HDD as secondary.
I see the HDD in BIOS and Control Panel with driver installed and working for the HDD.
However when I click on computer It only sees the SDD and 2 DVD's I have.
No HDD ???
Do I need to Raid the 2 drives and if so how???
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  1. You need to make the hdd available to windows.
    Go to control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage/ disk management/
    You can then make your hdd a primary partition and give it a name.
  2. And assign it a drive letter.
  3. Thank you gentlemen.
    Your suggestions worked flawlessly.
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