MSI 9600gt Artifacts

Hey all.

Ive been having some serious problems with my desktop recently, i believe the psu died and killed the mother board on the way, but those have both been fixed/ replaced.
After fixing this my graphics card, an msi 9600gt was not running. we sent this back to the shop and it came back 2 weeks later having been repaired.
now when i run crysis, cod mw2 or any other 3d game, blue artifacts are everywhere!!!
after closing game, artifacts remain throughout windows and other apps.
On restart of computer artifacts remain, however if shutdown and left for 10+ seconds they disappear until games are run again.

Pc specs are:
CPU: Q8200: stock
GPU: MSI 9600gt: stock
MB: gigabyte ep45-ds3p
PSU: corsair hx850w
RAM: 6gb patriot

Please help as would like not to send my card away again.

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  1. You need to do some troubleshooting.

    You need to put that graphics card in another computer and test it (use 3DMark2001se or a game).

    The problem is hardware and almost certainly your graphics card.
  2. thanks for quick reply.

    i tried stressing the gpu through rthdribl to see if same thing happened, and surprisingly it did not
    this led me to think maybe its not the card playing up, but i dont know :(
    almost certainly graphics card you think
    would of hoped that after being sent for repairs it would have been checked.
    Do you think it could be any other components?
    if so what?

    thanks again
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