Scratch on PCB while installing waterblock

MAybe this section is more appropriate for this, just need some quick help. I scratched the PCB on a EVGA 680 when installing a heatkiller backplate (as the screwdriver left a nasty gouge with some exposed copper) I don't want to put the card in and test it really. Should i try my luck with EVGA RMA? Or would they accept it? Just need some advice.

To add, the scratch is about half an inch long, and from what i learned about electrical engineering - it wont work. I was thinking about fixing it myself but what are the chances of EVGA accepting it as an RMA?
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  1. I am very sorry to here this!

    Most RMA's are denied if there is any sign of trace damage on the PCB of an item.
    It is almost as bad as having bent pins in a m/b socket.
    They may accept the RMA but not cover the card damage and ask you pay for the repairs if possible once they receive it.

    But I am not sure in your case without seeing it.
  2. EVGA's RMA and replacement process is pretty good for almost any issue. Call them and see what they will do.
  3. I am not sure about Evga when it comes to an RMA and damage like this. I guess it would be worth a try. Now Asus RMA and trace damage from what I have heard not so good! lol
  4. I've found EVGA to at least be helpful. Asus and Gigabyte definitely wouldn't replace it, but EVGA's support has been pretty stellar and easily the best on the market.

    I'm looking to add a GPU to my brother's system and have been tempted by cheap 7850/7870s, but I'm holding out patiently for the 660/660Ti (EVGA, of course).
  5. andy_lewis said:
    I think you should go with a soldering iron, you may be able to re-solder it.

    This is a very bad idea, please do not recommend this.

    Since this thread was inactive for over 2 years, I am going to close it.
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