Computer acting weird

I recently changed the front fan on my smilodon case. And now my computer freezes at "welcome" during normal startup. At first it would startup and work for like 5 mins and freeze then it just went downhill from there to where it freezes at welcome or just after the desktop shows up. The only way I can use it without freezeing is in safe mode which I'm using right now.


Windows 7 32bit HP

XFX 790i Ultra

Intel E8400

Patriot Viper 4gb 1600mhz

XFX GT 220

WD Blk 640gb
my old wd 30gb ide

and an old sony tv tuner

The fan I put in was a green led 120mm Coolermaster

Any thought what it could be?
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  1. Where's fan plugged into ?
    What happens if you disconnect it ?
  2. Yea first try disconnecting it and GET RID of ur old IDE hard drive, it can cut your performance.
  3. Well I used my windows disc to try and repair the startup but that didn't help so I just formatted my hdd and reinstalled it and now it works. So I guess the problem was either my OS hdd or something

    JackNaylorPe-- I plugged it into the chassis fan 3 pin spot.

    Crazy359-- Im saving up so I can get a sata backup hdd
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