Computer Performance Down 80% Since New Addition

Hi, Well I have a
Phenom II 945 Quad
500gb HD
4gb DDR3 1600 Ram
Asus Mobo

I had a very crappy 680w psu and it fryed or the connectors went bad within 2 weeks of the purchase so i bought a better but 100w less psu.

Since the addition my FPS in wow Went from 100-150 On High Settings In Normal Areas and 40-60 In High Populated areas
to 30-50 on LOW settings in normal areas and 10-25 in High Populated areas on LOW settings. Now if there are any tests I could run what can I do?
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  1. The first thing that comes to mind seems kind of obvious, but let's compare the two PSU. Repost the make/model of old and current.

    As far as testing, download MemTest86+ 4.1 ( Download the .iso (bootable disc image) and then burn the image to cd. Restart computer, get into BIOS and set boot from cd/dvd as primary. Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS. After that, just let MemTest86+ do its thing. Note that the memory test will automatically stop if any errors are found, and if errors are found, then chances are your RAM could be bad.
  2. Ok well actually...Before I even had psu problems, my ram was bluescreening and game crashing, it hasnt now but could of made the ram just like give out? and I had a

    Echo Star Gold Edition PCI-E Connector 680w
    I now have a Orion HP585D
  3. Sounds like you have a RAM problem, too. Try doing the MemTest86+. Also, just so you know, the wattage isn't as important as the 12v rails.

    To make it simple...

    PSU's are typically manufactured with rail balancing, meaning the load gets spread out across the +12v rails. Take for example your HP585D PSU, it has two (2) +12v rails:

    +12V1@19A, +12V2@20A

    This kind of output is very low for today's game standards.

    Even your old PSU, the Echo Star 680W was very low output; only one (1) +12v rail, but the output was higher:

    +12V @ 26A

    RAM aside, your PSU is lacking if you need a 6-pin PCI-e connector. The 6-pin connectors typically need dedicated power to the GPU, which you did not have with your old PSU. I suspect that your PSU was overloaded/over burdened.

    As for your current PSU, I suspect that since the +12v rails are low, your GPU isn't getting enough power, thus it's not performing as nicely as it once did.

    If I were you, I'd strongly consider picking up a better PSU. Possilby one of these brands:

    Cooler Master

    What you should look for in a PSU:

    80 Plus Certified
    26A (or higher) output per +12v Rail
    3-5 +12v rails

    This one from Antec is pretty good.
  4. Ok Thank you so Much, also My Processors are all running at 90C Idle and 100C when in game. Is that bad or?
  5. yes. very bad. Remove your heat sink, reapply the thermal paste (Artic Silver 5 is recommended), and reseat the heatsink. Make sure it is properly secure.
  6. What are the problems that may have caused this(could it have been when the psu fried?) and what can happen to my other parts?
  7. High CPU temps are generally caused by insufficient cooling. Insufficient cooling can be caused by a number of things, but typically either:

    1. Heatsink isn't on properly;
    2. Too much or too little thermal paste;
    3. Heatsink fan isn't spinning; or
    4. thermal paste got on to the CPU pins during application

    The best and easiest thing to do is to remove the heatsink from the CPU; pull out the CPU and then inspect it; reseat the CPU; reapply thermal paste; reinstall heatsink.
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