MSI P55-GD65: a Little Help Please?

I just got my P55-GD65 in from UPS and I can't find the computer speaker input thing for the life of me! This may be a really stupid question to ask and it's probably right in front of me, but can someone locate the hookup for the POST speaker on this diagram of the P55-GD65?

Thanks, and like I said, it's probably me being an idiot, but I need to get this done so I can sleep. :heink:
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More about gd65 please
  1. It should be the JFP2 header, the top row with 4 pins (probably #2 & 8).
  2. No, it's taken up with the LED and power cables. It may be the JCD1, its says that "This connector is provided for external audio input." Could that be it?
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    You sure about that, I just downloaded the manual to double check. In section 2-15 (pdf page 31), it shows the speaker as part of the JFP2 header.
  4. Oh, I thought the JPF2 was the first row of the JPF1 area, that's how they have it labeled on the motherboard. Thanks man, you saved me a lot of trouble. :D
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  6. No problem, glad to have helped.
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