Cloning OS on HDD to new SSD.. how?

Hi guys,

I recently picked up a Vertex 3 SSD (120GB) and I want to know how to 'clone' my drive without re-installing everything. I was originally going to re install everything from scratch, but I don't have the time and I have everything setup just the way I want it :P I have been hearing about the program "Acronis", which works well according to many.

Can anyone point me to a guide or provide a detailed explanation/share their experience? I currently have my 1TB WD Caviar Blue hooked up to SATA3. I plugged in the new drive to update the firmware, but it was already updated to 2.15 (yay!). It shows up in Device Manager and in the MB BIOS, but not in My Computer. Is that normal? I remember having this issue a while back with another drive. I plan to remove some games to shrink it to about 100GB so I can clone it without problems.

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  1. Have a look at DriveImage XML. I think you might have an option to automatically write to the drive in question, if not you can always go through the Win PE. I think they build the Win PE with compatible plugins so you can boot from the CD and write the image file.

    Ghost is another option, i use it at work all the time. There's tutorials scattered all over the internet :)
  2. Acronis is the cloning software that is most often mentioned in this section of the forum. Intel uses it for it's own ssd's. Samsung uses Norton Ghost. Here are some free ones:

    The default Windows 7 Image backup.

    Macrium Reflect:

    Easeus Todo Backup Free:

    AidanJC is correct. The are lots of tutorials for specific cloning software. For example if you want to take a look at tutorials for Acronis, then google for: acronis tutorials
  3. Thanks for the replies! I think I will give Acronis a try. I'm very new to this... are there any good guides that I can follow? I am also aware that alignment can be an issue. How do I check?

    Thanks again!
  4. Any other thoughts? I'm going to be home soon and I'd like to give this a shot. I'm going to use the WD version of Acronis (it's free!)
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