HP S7627c had a minor software problem and I attempted to reload HP soft that came with the PC(IMAGE). It would not Load. I then loaded a new copy XP. Now
The pc randomly shuts down. It may be ok for a week or a minute. I have changed PS,Motherboard,even another CPU. Any thoughts out there?
Thanks for reading.
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  1. Did you do a clean install of XP where you reformatted the drive completely? Or did you install over the top of the old OS?
  2. Yes,
    I did clean install.
  3. When you restart does it say windows was not shut down properly or anything like that?
  4. No,
    The pc boots as normal. As though it had been properly shutdown. When it quits it is as power off. No warning. I reboot it may be fine for a minute, a week or more. It seems to do better if when it is operating properly to send it in to sleep mode and never turn it off.
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