Hi! I have been wanting to build my next gaming system. I have bought a 900w PS and a gtx470 as up-grades to my system so far. What i am looking for is board and chip. I will be running SLI after board and chip are replaced. the I5-750 or phenom 11x4 955 or 1090tx6 but what board. I try to read reviews but i dont understand them. I dont need the VERY best... just the best money for preformance with these components... if i should use another chip then pls do tell. i heard the ASUS p7p55 was good... will this match or something else?
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  1. If you want to run SLI, I HIGHLY recommend going the Intel i5-750 route and get the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro motherboard for your setup of GTX 470 SLI.

    AMD boards that support SLI use Nvida chipsets, which don't have the best track record for stability!!
  2. go Intel i5 - the 6core Phenom II will offer you no gains for gaming
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    Yup, for gaming a six-core doesn't make much sense especially if you're trying to get the best bang for your buck. Since you got an nVidia card then go with a good P55 board that supports SLI, like the ASUS, and an i5-750. If you want to go AMD, MSI is the only one that makes SLI boards for AM3 CPUs, but they are based on the older 750a and 780a nvidia chipsets. The 980a is simply a 780a certified to be used on an AM3 system as far as I can tell.
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