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How do i reformat and repartition a hard drive externally? This hard drive is messed up because i failed a windows installation and so i cant even log into windows on that laptop.
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  1. If you are installing Windows you will be given the option to format the drive. Just boot to the CD/DVD and try again.
  2. umm... if it isnt detecting the hard drive when i install the os, does it mean the hard drive is dead? i can see the hard drive in the bios though.
  3. not necessarily. It might need some kind of drivers. What version of windows are we talking about?

    I would take the drive out of the laptop and connect it to a desktop. Maybe try to reformat it on the desktop. At the least it will let you trouble shoot a little better than using the win install disc.
  4. yeah that was what i was thinking, some kind of driver problem. But how do i connect this laptop hard drive to a desktop?? windows 7 64 bit*
  5. its a SATA drive right? Just plug the sata cable to the mobo, and connect the power cable.
  6. Use disk management... Right click my computer and click manage. Then click Disk management
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