Force AA from CCC to Crysis?


I wanted to ask you guys how can I force AA in Catalyst Control Center for Crysis?

I am having problems as I can describe as artifacting. I wrote to this forum before about that issue but we couldn't find a solution about it. Anyway, when I disable AA in Crysis ingame menu (everything else are on very high with 1280x1024) everything looks great. I mean quality is low but no strange black boxes around. But when I turn it on for x2, x4 or x8 black boxes appear.

I tried to turn it off in game and turn on in CCC but it didn't work. I do not have AA in game. I tried disable, standart and advanced catalyst AI settings but they didn't changed anything here.

I am using HD5850 on Vista 32-bit and I updated my drivers and CCC to 9.12.

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  1. Do you have Crysis patched to version 1.21?
  2. Yes it is 1.21
  3. try turning off adaptive AA.
  4. it is on the multi-sample AA right now. I also tried the other two but no luck :(
  5. Try installing the Catalyst 9.12 Hotfix.
    Download here:
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