GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P no display

I have a GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P that i got today and a hd 5750. I cant get anything to show up on the monitor, i know its not the video card because ive been using it for 2 weeks with no trouble. Ive cleared the cmos with a jumper, and by taking the battery out, neither does any good. When i power it on, all the indicator lights on the motherboard come on and all the fans run, but no display. I tried the graphics card in both pci express slots. I even tried an old nvidia card just in case but that diddnt work either.I also tried removing the ram then starting it up to listen for beep codes, but it doesnt make a sound. Can anyone give me any ideas or suggestions? thanks
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  1. Hi.

    If u tried everything and the rig don't show anything I think that he problem is the mobo.
  2. i found the problem, the ram was in 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3....i noticed after about 3 hrs of frustration lol
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