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What is that thing in my Res?

Hi, one week ago I installed a water cooling system, I have 1:9 of Pentosin G11 and Distilled Water, and today I found these things ( in my res, can any of you tell me what it is? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you flush out everything before putting it into operation?
  2. yes, but not totally sure if everything jejeje, those things are going to give me problems? Should I change the coolant? Thanks
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    That there is stuff that should have been rinsed out of the rad when you got it, looks like your initial flush wasn't as good as it should have been,
    no longterm damage though, just re-flush everything now, then stick new distilled/the mix you are using in
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  5. Glad to help man, Thank you for B.A.
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