Power supply age question

As you know i have succeeded in building my holiday build, and i am now looking to give my older system to my brother for his birthday/christmas

MY question is about the power supply. Before i had a 400 watt power supply that's worked very well. when i bought the 9600 GT on my old mobo i bought a new power supply for it and 14 months later it still works

Can 14 months of not using a working PSU extend the lifespan? I am looking to just buy a case in my local shop on Monday and put my old mobo in it. This is what my bro will get

A8N SLI Deluxe mobo
X2 4800 i put in last December
2 gb memory dual channel
400 watt old Eagle Tech PSU that's been unused for 14 months
The 6800 GT that paired with it before that which worked great and is unused for 14 months
hard drive and dvd already at home.

I figured 3 things

1. he has a new LCD widescreen and i want him to have a faster comp to go with it.
2. he gave me the Best Buy 50 card that allowed me to have a free mobo for a Q9550 system. The least i can do for him is get him a better computer
3. My mom can have my brother's old system to replace a HP notebook that has serious trouble staying on despite being plugged into the ac adapter. She only uses email and internet
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  1. bamj6 said:

    400 watt old Eagle Tech PSU

    That's enough to send shiver's down one's spine.
  2. Well I trust my brother psu brand choices

    At best i don't have to buy a new PSU for 4-5 year old components (save the dual core)

    At worst it either won't boot or it'll boot up and i can check the BIOS. If i don't like what i read, i can buy a new PSU and give the 450 watt Raidmax i use now to that system and use the 500 watts or better antec for my holiday rig
  3. What kind of PSU is it? If is generic I would not trust it, if it like Cooler Master or some other big brand then its ok.
  4. I just googled it. Eagletech case with 400 watt PSU - less than $40 for both.
  5. The PSU is back from 2004. It is not the one that was googled. It was used from 2004-08 with no problems. I changed to a 450 one when i bought the 9600 GT and it's been in storage for 14 months. I am only using a 6800 GT with it as my bro's not a PC gamer

    Like I said AT BEST i don't have to buy a PSU for his comp. Realistically I expect it to boot up but show bad BIOS rail numbers. If that's the case i will buy a new PSU for me and put the 450 watt one i have now in the old build
  6. It may not be the same one, but the name indicates that it is a generic. It may work fine in a low spec computer.

    bamj6 said:
    ... i will buy a new PSU for me and put the 450 watt one i have now in the old build

    Sounds like a plan.
  7. update

    I got my brother's build to POST

    2 fans
    6800 GT
    X2 4800
    2 1 gb sticks

    For my 5 year old 400 watt power supply The 12v highest after these 4 were 11.58

    Is it something to worry about and buy a PSU or can i keep it like that
  8. *** ing whisper + there's 2 6 pin connectors for a single slot 2 6 pin card in the future

    Ultimately i lacked a spare 6 pin to molex adapeter so it's why i bought a PSU today
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