Completely transfer Windows 7 and installed data to another hard drive

I want to be able to have all my installed data and Windows 7 64 bit completely transferred from my 640GB hdd to my 1TB hdd. But I want to be able to have Windows 7 to be bootable from that new hdd like it is on my 640GB. Is there a surefire way of doing this so that I that even if I took out my original 640GB hdd, I could still boot and use the 1TB the same way I did with the 640GB and so that it would have ALL the same installed data? Sorry if this question doesn't make too much sense, but I'm not sure how to explain it. Should I just use "Administrator Tools" and somehow back EVERYTHING up so that I basically switch the roles of both hard drives?
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  1. You can use a hard drive cloning utility to do that like Acronis True image or one of many others
  2. Check the HDD manufacturers site for their utility. I have used the one from Seagate and WD with no problems so far, even cloning to a bigger drive.
  3. hmm, so I just want to transfer everything from my current 640GB to my new 1TB, so it'll work EXACTLY like my 640GB. Cuz Currently my 640GB is my boot and install drive, and my 1TB is my storage drive. I'd basically like the two to switch roles :P
  4. Also, my 640GB (my current boot drive) is a WD Caviar Blue and my new 1TB is a Samsung Spinpoint F3. Would Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition work good still?
  5. If you use Acronis it will make the 640 drive into the 1TB drive.
  6. So then it will work? Because the two hard drives aren't made by the same company
  7. being made by the same company is irreverent. It does a bit by bit transfer and sets up the same partitions on the hard drive.
  8. Alright, well I got it to clone my hard drive, now how do I make it boot from my new hard drive?? It will only boot from my other hard drive if I unplug the other's SATA wire...
  9. Did you go into the bios and change the 1TB drive to the boot drive ?
  10. Well, I'm not sure how to get into the BIOS on my motherboard, it's a special MSI-HP manufactured motherboard that HP puts into their computers:

    But anyhow, is there any other way I could make my PC boot from my 1TB because when I unplug my 640GB it boots perfectly from my 1TB, but when I have both plugged in, it automatically boots from the 640GB. I want to be able to boot from my 1TB and then erase everything from my 640B to use it for storage. Any suggestions for that? And if I did go into the BIOS, what where would I need to go to make it boot from the 1TB? (And no, I don't have another hard drive to boot from, these are my only two.
  11. In the bios there is a boot order and the other drive is coming up first on that boot list. You would need to get into bios and change the boot order to make it boot up the way you want.

    This link might give you a bit more information. HP locks down their bios quite a bit on their OEM boards.
  12. Thanks a lot! Do I NEED to do a bios update? What does it do?
  13. You don't need to do a bios update, you just need to set the right item to boot from in bios.
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