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Well recently my 1tb sata hard drive broke, so i bought a new 500gb green caviar WD internal hardrive. I installed it as i did my first one. After installation i tried booting up and it said " Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key."

I went to bios to look for a solution, and my new hardrive wasn't even listed as a boot/storage device. I tried again with my old hard drive(still worked but crashed after boot) and the same thing happened.

I even tried switching what ports the Hard drive was connected to on the motherboard, to no success.

Any help, I've been trying to get this computer up and running for weeks.

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  1. Hello rexyiscool1,

    Really unfortunate your new HDD did not work and did not even show in BIOS.
    How about contacting manufacturer's technical support since you just bought this new HDD. They would be able to help.
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