Hey guys, a few weeks earlier i bought a 500watt psu, with a diamond 5770. Now im looking deeper into upgrading my computer, that has a horrible processor. I looked at the AMD 965, and figured out it was a good deal for the cash. Now i'm having a bit trouble finding a suitable motherboard to go along with it. I have ddr2 memory, which maybe will not fit in the motherboard. Also i want 2 pci-e slots to crossfire my 5770 in the future. I was thinking to return my 500 watt psu and buy a new 1 before time runs out. Any ideas on what motherboard to get?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Would be good, but you have to get a DDR3 RAM.
  2. i bought a AMD 955 and after much searching for a mobo that would work with that and my ddr2 ram i decided it would be best to buy ddr3 ram as my ddr2 533mhz was too slow, but if you have faster ddr2 then you need to look more towards am2+ boards
  3. I got 800mhz ddr2 x4, is there Any motherboard that supports that, has 2 pcie and supports 965?
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