Side mounted radiator in Corsair 400R?

I just got my case, Corsair Carbide 400R, and I am trying to figure out where/how I should mount my rads (which I don't have yet). But the docs say you can mount a 120 or 140mm x 2 rad on the top, and then there are also dual 120/140mm fan mounts on the side bump. I have some pictures to show you guys the side bump, and it looks as if I could fit a slim 240 rad on there and mount the fans. I know for a fact the only thing I would have to worry about is my GFX card. and looking at my current build there is tons of headroom between the side panel and the top of the card plus I gain the 38mm or so from the bump being pushed out. Here are the pics of the side panel.

Directly on the side

View from the front of the case

Inside the panel

Sorry if the quality isn't that great, was using my iPhone for the pics.

I'm thinking if there is not enough space on the inside I could mount the rad outside the mesh, and the fans inside or vice versa.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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    You wouldn't want to mount a rad on the door panel, whether it's internal or external.

    You could route it with enough tubing to make the door possible to take off, but I'm personally not a fan of mounting rads on panels that are meant to be removed first any time you need to access the hardware in your case. Moving, pulling, bending and rotating tubing and fittings is just asking for something to come loose and leak.
  2. Personally I'd sidemount a rad on the rear panel so as to minimise any access issues like Rubix mentioned, but I'd still have it on QDC's for when removal was necessary
  3. Now that you guys mention it, I should have thought about the obvious before hand haha. But moto, i do like your idea of the opposite side panel. Although that is where I planned to have most of my cable routing to be.
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  5. The W/c guys here don't just think outside the box, we make our own boxes and play by our own rules :-)
    Glad to help man and I look forward to seeing it in the W/c gallery soon :-)
  6. I'm not saying that it couldn't be done, but you don't want to be twisting and rotating tubing or fittings if/when you remove the side panel. This could cause tubing to slip off/out of fittings or fittings to loosen themselves. Just trying to take additional precautions before you got that route. You'd definitely need to look into some QDC's or swivels if you were going to mount on a door panel.
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