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Recently my hard drive started acting up. It constantly BSODs every 2-3 minutes after start up. I have some important files and documents that I need from this dying hard drive, but never have enough time to extract the bigger files before it goes into the BSOD. So my question to the community is... How can i get the files out of this dying hard drive? (Safe mode still goes into BSOD).

All suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thanks once again in advance for any and all help!
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  1. Attach your hard drive with another hard drive and use this software. I hope you will get all your data back..

    GetDataBack V4.21

  2. It sounds like you got a corrupt boot sector of some sort. If you can manage to burn a Linux distro CD and try it run and and see if you can copy the files on your computer. The other option is to get yourself one of the hd docking station


    and see if you can't extract data from a working computer.
  3. Recuva is a another good free data recovery program.
  4. Easiest and cheapest way would probably be to run ubuntu from thumb drive and move data you want to save over to somewhere else. There is a guide to do that at here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download

    If you want to do something more complicated, you can remove your hard drive and plug it to another PC (either via docking station or connecting it directly to motherboard like any other hdd) and extract your data by whatever means.
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