Please help my PC :'(

Hello, I have a massive problem. My PC has a virus, and for a while I did nothing about it because it didn't impact very much on the running of it. Now it's become a problem... Safe mode doesn't work at all, all I get is BSOD with each 'category' of safe mode. When I log on, explorer.exe doesn't load up and task manager doesn't work either - I get an error code when I try. I've looked at rebooting XP, but my PC doesn't have a floppy disk drive and I don't know if I can use a normal CD.

Pleaseeee help, I really don't know what to do. I have some computer knowledge, but not a lot. I will be eternally grateful if someone could help me, like over the moon grateful.
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  1. Running with a known virus is an interesting idea, what if it was sending out every site and password you were using?

    Best thing here, buy a new hard-drive, get a system restore disk for your system and re-install Windows. Plug in your existing drive into a USB enclosure, run a virus scan on that. Then copy your files over to the new build of Windows. You'd want to copy My Documents, Desktop and Favorites. And need to re-install your programs.
  2. I hadn't thought of that :o

    However, I had come across the solution of using a system restore disk. I went onto the Microsoft website, and I think I found it, but it was for a floppy disk, not a CD-ROM - on my PC, I don't have a floppy disk drive but my CD-ROM thing does work. Would the system restore still work if I put it on a CD-ROM?

    Also, I don't know how to get my hard drive out of the actual PC. And, is a USB enclosure that thing that connects a hard drive to a computer? Because I think one of my friends has one of them - I think I would know what to do after that point, after I get the hard drive out of the computer.
  3. A system restore disk would be an XP setup disk, and you run the setup off that. Any floppy disk solution would be out-dated.

    Ask someone around who works with computers to give you a hand removing the hard-drive. Your computer would have come with a set of restore disks, if you don't have them, contact the vendor, will cost probably $30-40 for them to send you a new set, and you can use the XP code from the sticker on the computer to re-install it on the new hard-drive.
  4. Ohhh ok that makes sense, I was thinking that it was odd using floppy disks.

    Ok, I'll ask around for anyone who can help with the hard drive. I'll also give them a call too, but not until I can save up that much (I'm a student). Alright, I'll give it a go, thank you so much for your help hang-the-9 :)
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