Pentium D 965EE versus Core2 Duo E6400?

I have a 975xbx2 board (bad axe) with a 965 extreme edition (3.73GHz) with 4 gb ocz reaper (800mhz) 2x2. I intend to run 64 bit windows 7 ultimate. I now have the opportunity to swap out the 965EE for a core2 duo E6400 (2.13GHz). Is the swap worth it? Will I notice a significant performance increase? Someone please tell me why I want to make this swap.
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  1. With that large of a clock speed difference I think the PD is actually the more powerful processor, if not the performance should be similar. If you can afford a higher end C2D, or if you overclock, than the C2D would be the better choice and provide a good performance gain.
  2. Depends on the cost and what you use your pc for. It can't hurt. I always change both the cpu and board together for the maximum gain.
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    OMG Use the E6400 the clock difference dont mean nothing the pentium D uses a very inefficient architecture its spinning its wheels and creating alot of heat. The E6400 even withis lower clock will run circles around the pentium D. That E6400 will also overclock 3.0 - 3.8 Ghz with the rite cooling making it a power house. DO NOT USE THE PENTIUM D!!
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  5. This isnt exactly a direct comparison, but its between the 955ee and the E6550 (2.33ghz), but it will show you the difference between the two architectures.
  6. Its really amazing the difference between them. I remember when those Pentium EEs came out anfd they cost almost a grand for some of them now they are worthless almost LOL.
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