Approve this build! (3000$ budget:)

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  1. switch to corsair hx850 it will be all the power you will need
  2. thats it, well i think i got that in a combo, and he might do xcrossire and crossfire, so who knows.
  3. the hx 850 has enough power for 2 5970's and 3 5870's the enermax is ok but the hx 850 is cheaper and better
  4. Are you a student ?

    If so, Microsoft has awesome deals on windows 7... but only for students.
  5. I'm no expert. Several different people I spoke w/ related they did not consider Windows 7 Ultimate to be worth the additional $ compared to Professional, for what additional it offers. I was also thinking your power supply looked somewhat high buck $ for the rated output, but again, I am not expert in this area and this could be a great choice. Too many choices is the problem... Good luck.
  6. thanks, he SPECIFICALLY wanted ultimate, so no choice there. the psu is a bit high, but he plans on doing crossfire or quadfire in the future, so might as well. also that is a very very highly rated psu, so any other suggestions are welcome.
  7. 5970
    Silverstone Raven R02
  8. yea i plan on getting him the 5970, but it is out of stock, and the 830 was good and had a great combo with the 920, so i couldnt resist. personally, i love the xaser 6:

    any thoughts on that?
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