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The same old airflow question:

I have a unbranded cabinet which holds a Phenom II x4 940, Palit HD4830, Asus M3A78-EM on stock cooling and no OC., it has a 120mm fan provision on the rear, 2 80mm on the side, 1 80mm on the front. The psu has two fans

Except the rear 120mm all the fans blow inwards. The temps are fine. But the dust accumulation was too much.

I reversed everything. All the fans suck air out of the cabinet, and the front 80mm is temporarily offline. The temps remain the same!!

So arose a few questions:
1. Why is there no difference??
2. The Stock CPU cooler, does it blow or suck air?
3. Hot air flows to the top right? so intake at the front bottom is worth it?
4. I check the local market, no dust filters for fans. Whats the material use in those? Perhaps I could try to get them and make myself a dust filter
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    why is there no difference not known for sure....could be bcoz of the fact that the front two fans didnot help much !!!

    the stock cpu cooler sucks air !!!

    yes correct ... according to physics hot air moves up !!! so a fan below might or might not of much help....bcoz the bottom fan doesnot get much space to suck air !!!

    use very thin strips of foam or very fine cotton fabric !!!!........reallly very thin.......dust will be clogged in it !!!!
    but make sure u clean it every month !!!
    in my earlier pc i used to do that !!!
    and it worked !!!!!!
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