Heatsink question

New build with no overclocking.
Have and i7-3770 cpu. will not be overclocking. Question is..can i use the heatsink fan that came with the cpu or should i purchase another?

Any input appreciated!!

Thanks from a total noob!!
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  1. the stock heat sink will work if you get all the plastic pins locked into the mb. myself i hate the stock plastic coolers and use the after market ones that use a plate and screw. they go on snug and stay on. durning the week here on toms we get 5 or 6 new builds that there rigs run hot from the heat sink looking like it connected to the cpu top but it not.
  2. If you're not overclocking I would recommend sticking with the stock fan.
  3. I have heard the i5/7 processor stock fans tend to run hot. You should spend the extra $25 and buy a hyper 212.
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