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OK so here is the beginning of a superb idea....

I have an old Queen Ann style desk circa 1925...I will be integrating a LCS into it along with An XBOX360, PS3, and a mega beast SB rig....I will be uploading some pics shortly to give everyone a better understanding of the concept...I will also be implementing servo accuated drawers for accessibilty to the components.....To be continued...
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  1. C'mon man, pics for us to mutilate on Mspaint :)
    And LCS? Real water man, it has to be real water on a project like this, don't sell yourself short
  2. MS Paint ...LOL....OK coming up this ought to be a hoot....Test my Drawing skill MS Paint style...Yeah I am going water its just simpler and more practical...I just like exotic stuff...Although, I have learned the KISS prinicipal works best "Keep It Simple Stupid"
  3. No, you post a picturemabob of the desk, we hack it up with Msp :P
  4. Here is the overhead :

  5. Oh I got slow today...I got to break the camera out and clean up my space before taking pics we had a lingerie shoot last night in here and its still a mess....I thought women were suppose to be place is a mess...been recouping most of the day I didn't roll outta bed til 1:00 pm
  6. I really want to work the mod around the desk instead of my usual approach,
    no matter what, that is likely a beautiful piece of handmade furniture, and we should respect that as much as possible
  7. sorry it took me so long to get here... furniture? its wood aint it? if so, I'm very choosy about how I stroke it...since a fine chip in it is really undo-able.

    would want to see pics to get it around my head :D
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