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I am using my PC for CFD calculations, but unfortunately its power is not enough. The main parts for such calculations are CPU and RAM. I was wondering if anybody could give me an opinion to build a system with 16 cores (well, each with at least 2.4 GHz) and 16 or 12 GBs of DDR3 RAM. I need the system to be as compact and efficient as possible and its cost would be around 2000$.

I would appreciate if anyone could give me an opinion, mainly about the CPU and RAM.

My previous PC has following specifications:

- CPU: quad core 9550
- RAM: 8 GB DDR3
- Graphic: 260 GTX Nvidia
- Hard: 500 GB internal
- Case: A-open large
- Monitor and ...

Thanks in advance
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  1. it sounds like you are asking for a server, but a 920 or 975 with 12 Gb of fast ddr3 should definitely handle that with ease.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So do you suggest that I bye a server or a single CPU i7 system would suffice?

    Any other ideas also?
  3. no a single i7 system should suffice. look at these benchmarks for the i7 9xx

    and for the q9550:

    that second one really shows a good comparison. but also, 12 gigs of really fast memory also would help alot too.
  4. Ok. If the previous system accomplishes a task in one week, how much would it be for the i-7 system?
  5. i dont know for sure, but i would say about 3-5 days. also a better ram, mobo, and vid card would speed things up.
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    2x Xeon E5520 $385 each

    Dual Socket LGA 1366 Asus Motherboard/OCZ Gold 12GB(6x2GB) kit $517

    Comes out to 1287 for the motherboard and processors, for CFD it should perform more than 3x as fast cutting a 7 day calculation down to about 2 and a half. The GPU, HDD, case, and PSU can be gotten from the rest of the budget, and probably not quite hit 2k.
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