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name: SSID
Signal Strength: Excellent
Security Type: WEP
Radio Type: 802.11g

With what I wrote above, does that mean that my connection is Secure??? If it does, why do I see other people on my network?? Pan
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    There's your problem, WEP. WEP has been cracked, it's almost worthless. You need WPA2 (preferred) or WPA.
  2. what do I need to get to make it be secure. I am new at this so bare with me..
  3. eibgrad said:

    I have a wireless laptop....It picks up the internet thru a Net Gear Modem on my husbands desktop and another Desktop.

    So I still have to go thru that link you sent me?
  4. My link was based on the assumption you were using a wireless router and had a configuration similar to the following:

    [modem]<-- wire -->[wireless router]<-- wire/wireless -->[pc]

    Your router (at least according to you) is currently configured w/ WEP wireless security. That document will (as it states) “explain the difference between WEP, WPA, WPA2 and how to set up each of them”. You need to change your router’s wireless security type to either WPA2 (preferred) or WPA and update your wireless clients to use the same security type when they connect.

    Granted that document uses a Linksys wireless router for illustration purposes, and you may be using a different make & model, but the same principles apply across all wireless routers.
  5. ok...i printed out all the pages....when i get stuck i hope you will be here for me eibgtrad..........................Thanks Pan
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