IEEE 1394 does not exist in my Device Manager in Windows 7


I'm trying to connect my SONY HVR-HD1000U camera to my PC. I'm running Windows 7 and it doesn't recognize camera at all. In fact, my Device Manager doesn't even display any IEEE 1394 port/driver or whatever. I'm trying to connect the camera with a 4-pin to 6-pin cable. Nothing anywhere on internet says anything close to helpful. WTF? (Sorry, going insane...)
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  1. What driver did u install?

    Do u have a firewire installed on your mobo? Or on your PCI?
    U could chat with them....
  2. What software are u using?
  3. There is a 6 pin firewire (1394) slot on my mobo. Im using (trying to use...) Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum...
  4. Did u install the mobo driver for IEEE 1394? Mobo model name is?
  5. Maybe not. My mobo is ASUS P5B-E w/ Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66. Thanks for patience, as I'm so new to tech-chat forums....
  6. I don't have P5B-E Plus, I have P5B-E mobo. I just noticed that the ASUS site doesn't have Windows 7 as an option for driver downloads for the P5B-E... yikes. Does that leave me with having to buy a different OS? Like Vista? I have 4g RAM (DDR2 I believe) that (from what I understand) won't be optimized with a 32bit OS...
  7. I know, that's why I asked u. U can try to get PCI firewire card IEEE 1394a for Win7 like this one
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