Dual PSU Case = redundancy?

Hi everyone, here is the deal I don't need a whole lot of power what I'm looking for is reliability and redundancy, basically if one of the psu's dies, there is a backup one supplying power (hopefully)and things don't crash to a standstill while the machine gets sent off for a new psu.

I've gone the route in the past of getting a hot-swappable redundant PSU along with a case that fit's it for them from Chenbro case cost ~150 and the psu cost 450~ problem is when one of the two did end up dieing the replacement cost about $400. That's why I'm trying to find out if we can go this way so a replacement would not cost as much.

As well I've been looking for a case that can take 2 regular ATX PSU's. While I've found lots about them on this site and others they almost all suggest cases that have seen been discontinued and no longer available.

Looks good but so far only option

Lian Li PC-A10
which looks great in reviews but not listed anymore on there site (Discontinued?)

Antec P190 + 1200
Also looks great but Discontinued

Coolermaster Stacker (STC-T01) (Discontinued?)
would work but all the the current model Stacker's don't appear to support dual PSU's like the RC-810 or the RC-832
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  1. I own the silver Silverstone TJ07, its an amazing case. I have 2 5.25" HDD coolers that are empty in the front to give me 2 120mm intake fans. I have also inverted the rear 92mm fans to exhaust air instead of intaking air like stock. With a setup like this it cools very well, better than my old Antec 900. I honestly love this case, and though there are better cases on the market in my opinion, when it comes to cases that can sport dual PSUs, it is the best.

    This is also a great case and can also support dual PSUs:

    The top-rear fan can be removed to insert a PSU.
  2. The Coolermaster HAF 932 can accomodate two power supplies also - one at the top rear and one at the bottom rear.

  3. Yes, I always forget about the HAF.
  4. seems like I always forget the HAF as well i had one sitting about 20 feet away, does not really mention the ability to have two PSU's on the spec list on there site ^_^ thanks for the help guys I'll see if that one works out.
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