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Recently I was troubleshooting some hardlocks that have been happening on my Vista Ultra Sli Nvidia ultimate gamer rig (tiger direct special) its got a Core Two Duo 3.00 ghz processor, 2x nvidia geforce 9600 gso graphics cards in Sli configuration and I had to replace the 4gb Crucial Balistix Tracer ram with corsair Xms2 ram .. the old sticks went bad and were found faulty by Windows memory Tester.

I was troubleshooting the Hardlocks .. and what seems to keep it working the longest was a tweak to the power management section so it wont sleep but during the Trouble shooting phase I ran a program Cpuid and it says that my Twelve volt power supply is givng only 10.37 volts. The psu that came with this pc is a 600 watt OCZ model ocz600mxsp and is 80 plus certified .. Could a 12 volt rail this low be the cause of some issues and is it worth replacing the psu?

the Voltages are this

CPU max 1.21 v

+ 12V all min max and current are 10.37 v

Avcc all values 3.28 v

+3.3v all values 3.28 v

Vin1 1.19 v

+5v 4.66 v

Vin3 1.86 v
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  1. Before doing anything you should do a little more testing.

    When you start your computer go into BIOS and check the voltage readings.

    Your motherboard should have come with a cd-rom disc that might contain a utility that can measure voltage.

    Get those measurements before doing anything else.
  2. Run OCCT and look at voltage graphs at end ... CPU and PSU test should be particularly telling
  3. +1 what Jack said.

    Wouldn't hurt to run a stress test and see what happens.
  4. Good replies so far I was wondering if I didnt jump to too many conclusions from just the one test so far I have been browsing Nvidia for a untility for power supply testing. I have checked the bios before for voltages but havent seen it yet, I will look again tho. I tried the Occt stresstest .. I must admit I got a bit Squemish when I saw one of my temps on my gpu go up to 71 I am guessing that is celsius so I stoped it short at 7 minutes .. one card is running ten degree's hotter .. but thats probaly not a real issue .. maybe I didnt get enough dust out of the fans.
    I can run it more for the sake of a better picture but even in that short time its showing a trend of under voltage .. if there is anything else I can try .. or run it longer let me know
  5. Update: I finaly figured out where the voltages are on the motherboard .. the voltages it gives are well within range

    CPU core 1.20 v
    CPU Fsb 1.19v
    Memory 1.85 v
    3.3V 3.28v
    3.3 dual 3.28v
    12v 12.29v
    5v 4.96v
    +Vbat 3.06v

    so the program says one thing but the motherboard says another ... strange
  6. Voltmeter will tell you who is right. I'd try that.
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    Yes, first check the BIOS. then check with a meter. Sears (along with others) sells a perfectly adequate model for $20 (Craftsman 82345).

    And they are handy to have around the house.
  8. yeah I havent seen my multimeter since my last move .. but will update when I find the true Voltages .. the OCZ product had some good diagrams of how to mesure the individual voltages ..] might have to break down and buy another .. the Craftsman model looks nice should pick that one up
  9. Thanks for the replies I got the Multimeter and the 12v rail is giving 12.29 I guess I have to take these programs with a Grain of salt .. --- my pc hard locked during this reply so I guess its back to square one .. when I saw the voltage was out or range on that program I was hoping it was the problem .. too eager to check the certainty.. at least its not every five minutes when I boot up .. thanks for the replys .. I will have to keep looking
  10. Well try to find out more about the temps. Try a memory test utility like memtest, check smart status on hd...
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