Need help with my ram

Hey guys, I just finished building my rig yesterday and i installed my ram (4gig) 2 sloth

After installing it i check my system and it says only 1.99 is usable.. can anyone help me?
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  1. Sound like you've got a case of 'Hungry Hungry Graphics Card'...or, at least that's my usually problem when things like that happen.
  2. i have a gtx 465
  3. Check bios for 'Video Aperture Size' or something like that, my EP45-DS3 does it to me a lot, so I just deal with 7.5GB usable half the time, it occasionally stops whining and goes to 8GB usable.
  4. Actually, i'm not sure if the aperture size is a thing that's used too often anymore, but I know it's my video card that does it to me.
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