GT240 not working on p5n-e SLI motherboard

My prize 8800gts started displaying RAM artifacts today and rapidly lost functionality... crashing windows etc.

I decided to buy a mid spec card to tide me over until I can buy some new kit.

Unfortunatly after installation the GT240 isn't displaying anything on my screen, not even BIOS.

Any pointers?
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  1. Did you use the latest drivers for the GT240?

    Will the 8800gt still work at all?

    Do you have another machine on which you can test both cards?
  2. 8800 gt gets to bios and into windows with artifacts.. crashes in quite a quick time though.

    don't even get to windows to install drivers for GT240, won't even display bios, won't even display bios error ... its like the socket is dead.

    Unfortunatly I don't have another machine with PCI-E slot to test in.
  3. Found problem... dead card.

    Thanks people
  4. So the 8800gts is still going bad and the GT 240 was DOA?
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