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I am building a new system for the first time and my first hurdle is; The front I/O USB Cable on the Antec case (200) does not match the USB header on the motherboard (MSi 790GX-G65). *** The MSi user guide says that it is important that the VCC and GND pins must be connected correctly to avoid possible damage.
Antec cable = Pin \ Signal Name ;
1\USB Power 1 ;
2\USB Power2 ;
3\Negative Signal 1 ;
4\Neg. Signal 2 ;
5\Positive Signal 1 ;
6\Pos. Signal 2 ;
7\Ground 1 ;
8\Ground 2 ;
9\Key (No Connection) ;
10\Empty Pin.
The MSi motherboards USB header = Pin \ Sig ;
1\VCC ;
2\VCC ;
3\USB0- ;
4\USB1- ;
5\USB0 ;
6\USB1 ;
7\GND ;
8\GND ;
9\Key (no pin) ;
What is the best way to resolve this?
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