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Increase to temp. on graphics card after new processor install?

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December 19, 2009 6:56:09 PM

Hello All,

I have recently just bought a Intel Core 2 Quad q9550 for my computer. Micro Center had it for $170 so I couldnt pass it up. I upgraded from having a Intel Core 2 Duo e7400 and so far I have been happy with the results. (only had it in for appox a day) However I have noticed something weird with my gaphics card but before we get into that here is my system specs:

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Motherboard: MSI P7N SLI Platinum
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad q9550
Memory: 4gb G.Skill DDR2 pc6400
Video Card: (2x)1gb EVGA Geforce GTS 250
Sound Card: VIA Envy24HF
Hard Drive: 80gb/(2x)500gb Western Digital IDE
Power Supply: Thermaltake 850watt TR2 RX

Now......I had the e7400 OC'ed to 3.8ghz (400x9.5). I currently have the q9550 OC'ed to 3.4ghz (400x8.5). Overall temps have gone up a little bit, but I figured that since the quad core was probably going to produce more heat than the dual core and put more stress on the motherboard. Here all my computer temps taken from HWMonitor with the q9550 installed: (e7400 installed compare temps)

TMPIN0: 30C idle 49C load (23C idle 37C load)
TmpIN1: 24C idle 27C load (24C idle 27C load)

Core 1: 37C idle 59C load (32C idle 53C load)
Core 2: 36C idle 57C load (32C idle 52C load)
Core 3: 37C idle 56C load
Core 4: 38C idle 58C load

Graphics Card 1
GPU Core: 38C idle 65C load (36C idle 64C load)

Graphics Card 2
GPU Core: 43C idle 69C load (36C idle 65C load)

Hard Drive 1
Assembly: 32C idle 34C load (32C idle 34C load)

Hard Drive 2
Assembly: 31C idle 33C load (32C idle 33C load)

Hard Drive 3
Assembly: 31C idle 33C load (32C idle 34C load)

*(Load temps were taken after appox 1 hour of playing COD:WAW)*

So my overall temps are still really good. TMPIN0 on motherboard jumped up some and Processor Core temps went up some as well but nothing bad. Here is the thing I dont understand though.....why is one of my graphics cards running ~5C hottor than the other with the q9550 installed compared to the e7400? (have seen temp difference a little lower/higher in different games)

Now, I have made sure that it is the main(top) card that is running hotter. I have disabled SLI and this the card that heats up while gaming. I have also tried to switch which card was in the primary PCI-E slot and doesnt make a difference. It is always the main(top) graphics card that runs hotter. I have also cleaned out the heatsinks/etc. with compressed air.

What I would assume that it is the extra heat from the processor and motherboard that is just causing the main(top) card to run a little hottor. I am not sure if it could also just be something like the new processor is somehow putting extra stress on my main(top) graphics card? So I am at a loss here.....

Any info/help/suggestions on this issue would be awesome!

Chris Stickles

*I know that graphics card temps are still perfectly safe, just wondering why there is the difference with new processor installed*

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a b U Graphics card
December 19, 2009 7:06:18 PM

Yep your temperatures are fine.

The GPU is running hotter due to more heat overall in your case. The position of the GPU also affects its temperature (ie. it's hotter if it's closer to the case due to less airflow, and the top GPU might be hotter due to heat rising)

Btw, are you thinking of selling that E7400? ;) 
December 19, 2009 7:21:52 PM

Bluescreendeath said:
Btw, are you thinking of selling that E7400? ;) 

I sent you a PM about the e7400!

Any other info would be great! Thanks!