Windows 7 upgrade on a rebuild/newbuild!

I'm about to give my desktop an overdue ugrade. I will be updating Mobo, CPU, GPU & RAM. Also adding a much more powerfull PCU, as the GPU will most definately need it. I want to contintue using HDD as it is quite new and there is nothing wrong with it. I have XP installed already, but I will be upgrading to 7.

My Question is what do I need to do, and what order should I do it in? I know the build process it's just getting my head around the upgrade.

Do I format HDD, install new parts, then reinstall XP and then upgrade? or is there a different way.

Also, and I know the answer is ..... not really, but can't I just leave XP on and install new aparts, then upgrade? ( I know!!!!)


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  1. your problems will arise when it comes to drivers and such for the new hardware you are installing on XP.
    It would be best to wipe the HD, build your system, install the HD and install a CLEAN install of windows 7. There is no direct upgrade from Win XP to Win 7, you would need to do a clean install anyways, might as well do it so it can find and install whatever plug and play drivers that Win 7 is going to use.
  2. Thanks for helping penguintech.

    Ah shame, as I have a 7 upgrade disc already. Could I not re install XP on the new-build and then use the Win 7 upgrade disc?
    It came with a piece of documentation that advises a process to upgrade from XP?!

    So do you advise getting a full copy of 7 then?

    Also, what do I do to fully format the HD, without having to re install anything until its in the new build?

    Thanks again
  3. Yes you can use your upgrade disk even without a previous OS installed, though you need a valid licence from a previous OS.

    Use method 4, the double install. It works every time.
  4. Thanks Hawkeye, but I now have full version, and also i wouldn't have trusted myself with the process you suggested.

    I would have just got it wrong.

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