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Hi again, i decided that i am going to water cool, i am looking to get a starter kit and the XSPC Raystorm 240 RX but i think my 650D won't fit such a radiator i have to buy a better case any suggestions on what case to buy? 800D?, Master half 932?, or the XSPC case they sell?
Thanks in advance :hello:
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    why would you believe that the case you have is not good enough that case is fine if you don't mind how it looks and your concern is performance. it would be easy to mod a XSPC 360RX kit to your case and I would suggest getting this kit as well with the pump upgrade. it is comparable to any custom loop out there. the rad can be mounted on top of the case with stand off's, the pump can be mounted on the back of the case, and the res goes in the bays. the only thing in the case is the blocks and the tubing.
  2. Well i did"t want to mod and found a case where. I can fit everything inside, thanks for your opinion anyways though
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