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I have problem with my asus striker 2 formula(nforce 780i sli chipset).I will buy an other one with the same chipset i want to help me which brand is best and if the chipset is not reliable enough to buy it.Please help me.
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  1. Hi.

    1- What is ur budget?
    2- What CPU do u have?
  2. For the time i will put a cheap motherboard and in 2 weeks that i will have more money i will buy a mobo that will support i7 cpu's.Can you help me with that?I have seen asus rampage 3 (it's expensive), RAMPAGE II GENE (valuable price) but i has not nforce chipset like Asus P6T6 WS Revolution.Nforce chipset are reliable and good , what do you think about that?
    Any help is appreciated!!
  3. If u want SLI isn't necessary that buy a mobo with nVidia chipset if u want go with an i7 CPU. U can go with any mobo that have chipset P55(i2,i5,i7) or X58 (i7) that support both Crossfire and SLI.
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