Ddr2 or ddr3?

Hi, i'm looking for a system and i found this one: http://www.mycom.nl/Products/View/249914.aspx

but it's got ddr2 instead of ddr3 ram, will this influence speed very much or not?

ps. i plan to do a lót of fotoshop with it and a bit of 1680-1050 gaming (mostly mmorpg's), is this worth it?
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  1. Hi.

    What is ur budget? I think that is better build a better.
  2. 650 euro, inclusive monitor
  3. that PC has an LGA775 Quad core CPU in it, DDR2 is perfectly fine for that PC. If you intend on Photoshop and MMORPG-ing, i would suggest an aftermarket discrete video card solution, perhaps an HD 5770 ot 5850 if it can fit into that case.
  4. okay, thanks, i was already planning on buying discrete graphics, so thanks, i'll do that.
    *ordering pc*
  5. make sure that the discrete graphics will fit into the case and your power supply will support it.
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